Teeth Whitening

What Are The Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Know

Your smile is the first thing that gets noticed & it is so important to have a pearly white smile, but to maintain that smile is a challenge. And, if your teeth have become yellow or have stains on them, it becomes an awkward situation & you resist yourself from smiling. It is a sign of poor oral health. As teeth have tiny pores & what we eat or drink that contains color gets absorbed into those pores. After some time, the shade of your teeth starts getting dark because of these stains. The stains will not go away if you do not effectively remove them. 

There are so many facts associated with teeth whitening & below are 5 teeth whitening facts you should know.

  1. Tooth Whitening Does Not Harm Your Teeth
    There is a misinterpretation that teeth whitening harms your teeth. Forceful brushing and poor hygiene can be very unhealthy and, as a result, can cause harm to your teeth. However, if the tooth whitening process gets adopted as per the instructions- it is safe. Dentists use active ingredients for temporarily unclogging pores in teeth and lifting the stains. Teeth whitening can upset or irritate delicate teeth for a short span. Your dentist can give an extremely safe product that is easier on the teeth than a high focus product. Whitening toothpaste that reduces the sensitivity can likewise reduce the short-term discomfort.
  1. Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening is Normal
    Teeth sensitivity is quite natural. The thin enamel of damaged or broken teeth may be the cause of sensitivity. In the whitening procedure, it is expected for the sensitivity to happen. The teeth eventually reduce their ability, for a while, to guard the nerve. For individuals with very sensitive teeth, it is recommended to use the peroxide tooth whitening unit.
  1. Teeth Stains Take Some Time to Disappear
    Remember that you can’t get rid of teeth stains overnight. There is no product available in the market that bleaches your teeth in a few hours. The components need some time to get soaked by the teeth. The time of the teeth whitening procedure relies on the degree of stains. Patients with lots of tooth stains must focus on brushing their teeth, avoiding food, & drinks that cause staining. Once the stains are gone, it is easy to maintain them.
  1. The Best Time to Brighten Your Teeth Is Before Bed
    After a teeth whitening procedure, your teeth are more vulnerable to re-staining. The teeth’ pores are more open and can effectively stain again. Keeping these things in mind, it is advised to brush your teeth every night before going to bed. It decreases the odds of re-staining and makes your teeth less vulnerable to forming cavities & stains.
  2. Dental Whitening Is Safe
    In-office teeth whitening procedures are conducted by an expert dental staff, who has experience in treating many teeth whitening cases. Lots of over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available but if you need a more professional & long-lasting solution, you must go for safe in-office teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Not for Everybody

Several people are willing to have pearly white teeth. However, there some are not advised to undergo teeth whitening, for example, kids and pregnant women. Also, teeth whitening is not useful & effective on crowns, veneers, or dentures.

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