TMJ Pain

What Are The Signs That Tells You Need TMJ Therapy

TMJ therapy varies depending on your situation and other aspects, like your age and health situation. While a few cases of TMJ may be addressed through basic therapies & some cases are considerably more serious and need oral surgery.

If you want to know about the category your issue falls into, take a peek at the below signs that can help you decide what is the best option for you as per your condition.

  1. You Have Serious Jaw or Facial Pain
    TMJ disorder isn’t an easy situation to live with. It can induce significant pain from chewing, but also just from speaking. If your jaw continually closes and gets stuck in one place, it could generate pain that releases throughout your upper body. From migraines to earaches, TMJ disorder is the cause of extreme pain.
  1. Teeth Are Wearing Down Quicker Than Usual
    Several times, you wonder what causes TMJ disorder? Mainly, it is the outcome of a misaligned bite. It can drive your natural teeth to come together wrongly, making them wear down considerably faster than they should. Since this can lead to a need for tooth restorations, TMJ disorder intervention is often advised to keep off harm.
  1. Teeth Are Becoming Loose
    Another severe side effect of TMJ disorder is when your misaligned bite forces teeth to gradually become loose. Furthermore, this is a cause for immediate treatment to delay the adverse effects and maintain your natural teeth.
  1. Serious Breathing Concerns When Sleeping
    Sometimes the requirement for TMJ therapy crosses with the need for sleep apnea treatment. TMJ worsens sleep apnea, and if you aren’t getting the necessary oxygen at night, your oral surgeon may suggest a surgical solution.
  1. Severely Damaged Jaw Joint
    Whether generated by TMJ or not, progressive arthritis in the jaw joint can have degenerative effects that only worsen with time. If there is joint cartilage degradation or the disc has moved out of place, stabilization or a rebuild could be regressive.
  1. Nonsurgical Treatments Don’t Provide Effective Results
    One of the signals that surgical TMJ therapy is required is when nonsurgical treatment has proven to be of no results & effect. Qualified, professional oral surgeons will always coordinate with your doctor and dentist to make sure all other treatments have been tested for success before taking the following step.

When Your Doctor Recommends Surgery

When our team at Daddy Brown Ortho suggests surgical TMJ therapy in Orange Park, FL, we keep your long-term most suitable interests in our mind. We are pleased to share more about our process. 

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