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What is the Best Age to Get Braces for Kids


When is the best age to get braces for your child? If yes, you’re not alone! Many parents all over the world struggle with this same question every day. Kids’ orthodontists in Orange Park and other areas are often asked what age is ideal for children to receive orthodontic treatment, and the answer can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, some guidelines can help you decide if it’s time to book an appointment with a kids’ orthodontist near you.

My Child’s Teeth Are Growing In – Is It Too Early To Get Braces?

Many parents worry their children are too young to start thinking about braces, but it’s never too early to assess your child’s teeth and start talking about orthodontic treatment. Generally speaking, if your child is between the ages of 7-12, it’s an excellent time to begin thinking about braces. During this period, your child’s baby teeth are falling out, and their adult teeth are starting to come in, making it the perfect opportunity for an orthodontist to evaluate tooth development and position.

American Association Of Orthodontists Age Guidelines

Suppose your child has a significant overbite or underbite, crowded teeth, severe crookedness of the teeth, or problems with their jaw joint. In that case, it’s recommended that you schedule an appointment with a kids’ orthodontist near you as soon as possible. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), children should be seen by an orthodontist as soon as possible when they turn 7 or 8 years old. In some cases, even younger children can benefit from an orthodontic evaluation.

 Early Orthodontic Evaluation Can Help Prevent Major Issues Later On

Another important reason to see a kids’ orthodontist at an early age is that it can help prevent significant issues in the future. During the initial consultation and exam, the orthodontist will assess your child’s bite and look for signs of potential problems down the road. If any issues are identified, the orthodontist will suggest treatment options to address them and help prevent further problems later.

 Early Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Getting braces at an earlier age can also benefit your child’s confidence. Kids often become more self-conscious of their teeth and appearance as they get older, so getting braces earlier may help them feel better about themselves. It’s important to remember that every child is different, so you should always consult with a kids’ orthodontist near you before making any decisions regarding your child’s dental care.

 2: What If My Child Is Over 12 Years Of Age?

If your child is over 12 years of age, it’s still not too late to get braces. Many teens and adults benefit from orthodontic treatment every year. Even if your child has never been evaluated by an orthodontist before, it’s still possible for them to receive adequate treatment. Your kids’ orthodontist in Orange Park or another area may suggest traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or invisible aligners like Invisalign Teen.

 Orthodontic Treatment For Teens & Adults Is More Complex

Orthodontic treatment for teens and adults is generally more complex than it is for younger patients because their teeth have likely shifted into different positions over the years. However, this doesn’t mean that your child won’t benefit from orthodontic treatment. Your kids’ orthodontist near you will be able to assess the condition of your child’s teeth and develop a personalized treatment plan to address any issues.

 The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment For Teens & Adults

Orthodontic treatment for teens and adults can help improve self-esteem by giving them a more attractive smile and correcting misaligned teeth and bite problems. In some cases, it may also reduce TMJ pain or headache symptoms with braces or other forms of orthodontic treatment.

 Kids’ Orthodontist Near Me

If you’re looking for a kids’ orthodontist in Orange Park or nearby areas, there are several highly experienced and qualified professionals to choose from. Search online for “kids’ orthodontists near me” to find a local practice to help your child achieve a beautiful smile.


When should my child see an orthodontist?

A: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist for the first time between the ages of 7 and 9, so it’s best to schedule an appointment with a kids’ orthodontist near you as soon as possible.

Q: What types of braces are available for teens and adults?

A: For teens and adults, braces can come in traditional metal forms, precise ceramic forms, or even invisible aligners like Invisalign Teen. Your kids’ orthodontist in Orange Park or another area can assess your case and recommend the best treatment option.

Q: How long does orthodontic treatment take?

A: The length of the treatment depends on the severity of the problem being treated. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for the completion of braces or other forms of treatment.


The best age to get braces for kids depends on many different factors, including their age, the condition of their teeth and bite, and any potential problems that could occur in the future. It’s essential to consult with an experienced kids’ orthodontist near you before making any treatment decisions. Getting braces at an early age may help reduce significant issues later on and boost your child’s confidence. If your child is over 12 years of age, there is still time to get braces and reap all the benefits of orthodontic treatment.