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What Is The Difference Between Traditional & Damon Braces

Many people are confused between traditional braces & Damon braces, as they look the same but what makes them different from each other & which one can be more affordable? If you are also looking for the answers read on to know more. Orthodontic treatment has evolved in the last decade & is more prominent. Dr. Andrew Brown’s patients can now choose from different types of braces. Let’s look at what is the difference between Damon braces & traditional braces.

Difference Between Traditional & Damon Braces


Basic Structure Of Traditional & Damon Braces 

The most significant difference between Damon braces and traditional braces is the structure of the bracket. There are three main parts of any kind of orthodontic braces brackets for bonding the teeth with it, archwire for moving the teeth into their right position, and elastics for exerting pressure to align the teeth. Other parts of braces are molar bands, headgear tubes, clips, springs, and coils. However, the brackets, archwires, and elastics are the primary parts of any kind of braces.

Traditional braces use elastic ligatures to connect the archwire to each bracket. How the elastic ligatures are connected defines how much force is applied to the tooth and in which direction they will push the teeth. Different types of ligatures are single elastic, connected elastic, and wire ligatures. Self-Ligating braces do not demand the use of elastic ligatures. Instead, they use a door, slide, or hook mechanism to secure the archwires and the brackets. 

Treatment Duration Of Damon & Traditional Braces 

One of the benefits of Damon braces over traditional braces is that patients have briefer appointments because the elastic ligatures do not need to be changed. You may also have longer gaps between adjustment appointments.

The general treatment time will depend on the oral needs of a patient. More complicated cases need more treatment times than easier cases. Dentists believe that treatment times with Damon and traditional braces are somewhat similar, despite claims of faster treatment time by many Damon dentists. The treatment time depends on the treatment plan and the complexity of the case, not the type of braces used.

Difference In Cost Of Damon Braces & Traditional Braces 

Treatment costs rely on a patient’s location and the specific treatment demands. More extreme malocclusions or needing more correction will have higher treatment fees.

Our dental office in Orange Park provides patients with a customized treatment plan and a quote for the total financial investment after an orthodontic consultation. During this consultation, our orthodontist will discuss all treatment options and an informed treatment plan. 

Appearance Of Damon Braces & Traditional Braces 

When it comes to providing orthodontic treatment to kids, they need more radiant & attractive things even if it is their braces. Orange Park orthodontists provide Damon braces which do not have elastic ligatures but they can be customized on demand for which you may have to pay a few more extra dollars. For children choosing the shade of their elastic braces is an amusing thing to do. If your children want an elastic band with striking colors then maybe traditional braces are the better choice. However, some patients prefer the more obscure look of Damon braces without making it look more unappealing and with white-coated archwires.

Damon Braces Or Traditional Braces- Which Is Better For You?

If you have now decided which type of braces will best suit your personality or your needs, you can go ahead & contact the best orthodontist in Orange Park for your first consultation. It is necessary to know whether you are suitable for either the orthodontic procedure to make your smile look more amazing. After the consultation, our orthodontist will determine the right course of treatment for you or your kid. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.